BIGWOOD’S CHIMNEY SERVICE has been serving central New England since 1974. The company was initially started in response to the 1973 Arab oil embargo that spiked fuel oils costs. Many people looked for alternative ways to heat their homes and solid fuels appeared to be the best options. 

Unfortunately, there were no chimney professionals at the time and many serious accidents happened due to lack of standards for chimney construction, stove design, installation procedures, and chimney maintenance. Not only that, but it was a period that very few people knew anything about burning solid fuels safely. It took the next 20 years for the industry to evolve to deal with many of the unique problems related to solid fuels. Bigwood’s Chimney Service was part of that historic era and a pioneer company that worked to make the solid fuel industry what it is today.

Bigwood's Chimney Service was the first area company offering professional chimney services and specializing in educating customer’s concerning how to use solid fuels safely. We have a reputation for solving many problems that other companies give up on. We are fully insured and licensed.

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Jim Bigwood organized BIGWOOD"S CHIMNEY SERVICE in 1974 in response to a renewed interest by the public in burning solid fuels. At that time there were no professional chimney companies and the art of Chimney Sweeping was nearly a forgotten trade. While stationed in England in the late 1960s Jim saw no shortage of Chimney Sweeps in London and the surrounding area and had his first opportunity to get involved in the trade. Later he trained under Master Sweep Ken Hinkley, a nationally recognized chimney specialist. Jim has a masters degree in Mathematics and education, worked in the real estate trade for over 20 years, and is a licensed building contractor.